13 Questions for Spencer

13 Questions for Spencer

1. Why I decided that Pieter would be a great business partner?
Pieter embodies many of the same characteristics that I value and that’s key for our partnership. We are both clear communicators and also very driven individuals. He appreciates work/life balance and that’s important to me, plus he has great energy and charisma.

2. Best day at work?
Media relations is still my favorite part of the job. Even after doing this for years, I still get excited when our team lands that national feature story for a client and seeing how it impacts their business.

3. Your idea of happiness?
Happiness is waking up every morning with purpose and always seeking new experiences.

4. Golf course still on your bucket list?
Augusta National or Cypress Point

5. Favorite destination/vacation?
Went to Europe for Thanksgiving 2011 and did a whirlwind trip hitting Madrid, Amsterdam, Venice and Paris. It was a magical adventure to travel in Europe with my wife during the holidays and we loved Raffles Le Royal Monceau in Paris.

6. Your best talents?
I’m a good listener and I tend to stay calm in stressful situations. I have good intuition and instincts – they typically lead me in the right direction.

7. Professional philosophy?
Great quote from Covey: “There are three constants in life: change, choice and principles.”

8. Favorite city?
Can’t pick just one –Miami, Madrid, San Miguel de Allenda, Venice

9. Who is your professional icon?
John Wooden has always been an inspiration. He was the master of team building and leadership and his Pyramid of Success is something to live by!!

10. You don’t get out of the house without reading…?
Bring my kindle to the gym every morning – NY Times, business books and fiction. Right now, I have Vince Flynn’s latest, Steve Jobs’ book and Chip Conley’s book, Peak.

11. What are you looking for when hiring an employee?
Good energy, positive attitude, accountable and a passion for our business.

12. The best advice you would give someone who wants to start a career in PR?
Learn how to build lasting relationships and trust with the media. You also need to be fearless when it comes to pitching the media. Become an expert in the industry you work in and the media will see you as a trusted resource.  Building trust with the media is key to generating results.

13. Favorite perk of business travel?
I’ve reached the Executive Platinum level with American Airlines, so now my secret vice is the cookies in the Admiral’s Club.


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